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Mavercade KeebFighter-X1

Mavercade KeebFighter-X1

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Mavercade KeebFighter-X1

Built with the GP2040-CE firmware and collaborated with TheTrain. This controller includes additional features such as RGB, additional configurable spacebar, and redesigned case.
  • PLA+ plus printed body, acrylic top for artwork, and foam bottom
  • Measurements: 8.3"x4.5"x0.5"
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs / 0.3 kg
  • RGB LEDs that are configurable in the firmware (Spacebar LED is active but currently not programmable and will not light up)
  • Spacebar can be configured as a secondary input of an existing button (example a second UP button, a second 3K button, etc.)
  • Slide switches to turn off the WASD UP button and/or the SPACEBAR button
  • Textured body with multiple body colors to choose from
  • Hot-swappable Kailh choc v1
  • 12x 1U keys and 1x 2U key
  • USB-C output
  • Built-in configuration app
  • Select from 5 input modes: XInput, Nintendo Switch, PS4(requires key), PS3 and Keyboard
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Neutral, Up Priority, Second Input Priority
  • Made to order and may take up to 14-30 business days excluding weekends.
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Customer Reviews

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Mavercade is the real deal. This controller is the real deal. I love how affordable these controllers are. They're such a good price for people looking to explore this scene and get into fighting games.

Major plus: You can absolutely take this thing apart and customize it and it doesn't feel like you're doing something bad. It's built to do exactly that. But if you're just looking for a controller that works right out the box and need to try a leverless controller, this one is a great value, especially if you've been using a keyboard to try to see if you like a leverless controller.

This also does not take that much space on my desk. Which is great! But also, having a leverless controller is nice on my old gamer hands. Now it's more like typing to play a fighting game, rather than feeling like my hand is going to seize up from rolling my thumb.