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Mavercade KeebBrawler-04

Mavercade KeebBrawler-04

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Mavercade KeebBrawler-04

Built with the GP2040-CE firmware, the KeebBrawler controller line is the larger brother to the KeebFighters. Though larger, it keeps the same thin and light weight profile, and also features 4 wide thumb button for a more ergonomic feel

Find the latest firmware release here: GP2040-CE firmware

  • PLA+ plus printed body, aluminum top and bottom plates, and acrylic top now included with every KeebBrawler
  • All black metal panels and frame
  • Wide split all button layout with 4 additional buttons
  • Measurements: 394mm x 191mm x 15.4mm / 15.5" x 7.5" x 0.6" (not including button height)
  • Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs.
  • Hot-swappable Kailh choc v1
  • 15x Nylon button caps (black only)
  • USB-C output
  • Built-in configuration app
  • Select from 5 input modes: XInput, Nintendo Switch, PS4(requires key), PS3 and Keyboard
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Neutral, Up Priority, Second Input Priority
  • Made to order and may take up to 14-30 business days excluding weekends.
  • *Blue chocs will be installed for the circular buttons and Red chocs for the pill shaped, when selecting Blue chocs as your button choice
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amazing layout

So I was using the original HitBox previously, and I had a problem pressing the lower buttons with my ring and little fingers. It was just awkward for me. With this layout, I can forget about them and just use the big buttons instead, which is much easier. Also, thanks to the possibility of pin mapping, I remapped the buttons to my liking for use in menus. And last but not least, the controller was packaged really well, so nothing happened to it while being delivered all the way from Canada to Poland. One thing I wish had been mentioned on the product page is that there is no USB-C cable included in the package, so you will need to buy it on your own. Overall, I love the product and recommend it for purchase!

Scott McCarty
A high quality unquie board!

Before everything else. Shout out to man running this solo operation. Will, you rock. this man corrected my own mistake in the shipping super quickly. Helped me with all my questions before and after ordering.

The review: I am still in the muscle memory stage with my games but I am in love so far. My artwork print is excellent quality, no cut errors. I was able to put in 4-6 hour sessions with no wrist or hand pains like I've experienced with layouts like the flatbox. Hot swappable switches are great. Wish they where full size switches but at the same time the thinness of the board makes for lighter time on the wrist depending on how you sit.

There is a reason why this board is always sold out, you should see for yourself.

KeebBrawler -04

Definitely worth it. Love the wide size profile but it still keeps compact and slim. Buttons are nice and quiet but still super response with my silver chocs. Really like the layout, nicr and ergonomic! Definitely recommend!

Adam S.
My favorite button layout!

I have wider hands and most leverless options feel too cramped in the middle. The Keebbrawler layout, on the other hand, feels super comfortable to play with. I've been using mine for a month and it works great!

Although it's not as small as something like a snackbox, it's pretty portable (at least much more so than a traditional fightstick).

Lastly, the customer service/support was amazing! Huge thank you to Will for answering all of my questions and helping me out even after my purchase!

David Jönsson

Mavercade KeebBrawler-04

Amazing Design

The unique button layout drew me in and I had to get one as soon as they were in stock. Its got a good weight, very smooth/satisfying button presses (the pill buttons feel like mini spacebars), and the GP2040-CE board comes with a lot of modular options for button assignment. I main SF6 (GGS, DBFZ on the side) right now, and this does improve the comfort of the right hand. HOWEVER, please be prepared to relearn how to move and place your hands for combos, have patience with the re-adjustment period.