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Mavercade KeebBrawler-01S

Mavercade KeebBrawler-01S

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Mavercade KeebBrawler-01S (S-Tier)

**Estimated pricing and is subject to change**

Built with the GP2040-CE firmware, the KeebBrawler controller line is the larger brother to the KeebFighters. The S-Tier keeps the same button layout and size, but made entirely out of aluminum for a premium feel.

Find the latest firmware release here: GP2040-CE firmware

  • Full CNC'd anodized black aluminum body
  • Measurements: 12.5" x 6.5" x 0.61" / 317.5mm x 165.1mm x 15.5mm
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg
  • Hot-swappable Kailh choc v1
  • 12x Nylon button caps (black only)
  • USB-C output
  • Built-in configuration app
  • Select from 5 input modes: XInput, Nintendo Switch, PS4(requires key), PS3 and Keyboard
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Neutral, Up Priority, Second Input Priority
  • Made to order and may take up to 14-30 business days excluding weekends.
  • Not compatible with acrylic top panel and artwork. There are no mounting screws to attach.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It was very fast. Thanks 😊

Daniel Gomes

Mavercade KeebBrawler-01S

Jack Parkinson
Solid, No-Frills Controller

The KeebBrawler-01S is a solid, comfortable piece of hardware that is a significant improvement from the KeepFighter line (I bought one of these last year and was not impressed due to the size and ergonomics). There's a stabilizer bar under the wide button and there's just enough space to rest your wrist when placing your fingers atop the movement/attack buttons at a comfortable angle.

The device also comes with spare buttons for each size, so you don't need to 3D print replacements if you have a smallIf you want a 12-button leverless controller with a metal body, this one will serve you well. The only reasons I'm not giving it a 5-star review are outside of the product itself.

1) Price: The KeebBrawler-01S is very expensive, and if I didn't have significant disposable income I wouldn't have considered buying it just on that point alone. Presumably most of the money is going towards the brushed metal body, which makes sense and which is a very well-machined piece of metal. But it's still really expensive given the rest of it is made from Kailh switches and 3D-printed buttons.

2) Auxiliary buttons: The option and L3/R3 at the top left are awkward to click and not labelled, so it is somewhat easy to lose track of which is which if you are hopping between different games or using custom binds for Fightcade. I strongly recommend getting two different button colors.

Sharon Dommer

Excellent build quality and attention to detail. Really enjoying the wider button layout.

Tyler Basran

So damn fun and responsive. It feels like a brand new world picking up this lever less for the first time.